Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineers deal with the exploration, extraction and production of oil and they help find solutions for the country’s growing energy needs. They develop new ways to extract oil and natural gas directly from the earth and assist in the reclamation projects so nature isn’t permanently disturbed by drilling and mining operations. There are a few specializations within the field of Petroleum Engineering; some examples are:

  • Reservoir Engineers determine the best way to recover oil or gas from a deposit
  • Drilling Engineers figure out the best the way to drill a particular well
  • Completions Engineers decide the best way to finish or cap a well
  • Production Engineers track production and determine the best way to increase productivity

To become a Petroleum Engineer, you will need a college degree. The University of North Dakota offers the only Petroleum Engineering program in the state and it is ABET accredited, which is recognized nationally.




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