Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineering offers unique opportunities to make a difference by developing uses of nuclear materials for medical equipment, food production, and much more!

Some of the duties of a nuclear engineer are:

  • Developing nuclear power sources for naval vessels and spacecraft
  • Finding industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials for example, in equipment used to diagnose and treat medical problems
  • Designing nuclear equipment
  • Examining nuclear accidents and gathering data to design preventive measures

To become a nuclear engineer, you need a college degree. When deciding on a college or university you need to make sure that the program is accredited by ABET To find a college or university that has a nuclear engineering program that is accredited, you can visit the ABET website at or you can try the Try Engineering website at

Here are some free online games:

Nave X Racer:

Nuclear Gun:

Some associations related to nuclear engineering are:

American Nuclear Society:

Nuclear Industry Association:



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