Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

What does an Agricultural and Biological Engineer do?

Agricultural and Biological Engineers create solutions related to the development and production of food, environmental practices, agricultural and farming practices and they can even redesign life itself with genetic engineering. Some examples of their work in day to day life include:

  • Increased production for all farming operations leading to more food on the table for families around the world
  • Genetically modifying food for safer and healthier meals and lowering the risk for food borne illnesses
  • Create environments for animals that increase comfort and productivity from farms to zoos
  • Design and create automatic harvesting and irrigation systems

To become a registered Agricultural or Biological Engineer, you need a college degree. North Dakota has a great university that has Agricultural and Biological Engineering programs. It is important that university engineering programs be accredited by an organization called ABET North Dakota State University is accredited by ABET and is the perfect choice to begin your career in this incredibly important field.

North Dakota State University:

There are some fun free games online that use the concepts behind Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Equipment Engineer:

Sustainable Shaun:


Other games that include concepts of Agricultural or Biological Engineering that you can buy are Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator and Subnautica.

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